TecJobb features dependable and secure payment solutions

We have incorporated an order tracking system for providing every client with a hassle-free and reliable solution. We ensure to maintain seamless communication with every client for all the transactions. In fact, you will be provided with an easy to understand visual interface for easy control of your transactions.

Moreover, we offer a responsive dashboard through which you can easily select a suitable method for payment. You can also keep track of your revenues and withdraw your requests if needed. In short, our payment solutions are secure and easy.

Our entire procedure is convenient and secure.

For easy understanding, you can consider the below-mentioned example:

Order Placement:

For instance, a person places an order for programming services and sends money to the account of admin via a secure platform. The moment money is received by the admin account, your order status changes to Active from Pending. Meanwhile, the credit account of the seller is updated with the virtual money which suggests that the seller can now begin working to complete the order. Remember that every transaction is logged into the admin systems for efficient management.


When the account of the seller reaches the lowest payout amount as defined by the company, he/she can immediately send the request of money withdrawal to the admin. The admin can decide when to send the payment manually as per the policy after reviewing the seller’s application. Whether the amount is sent instantly or on a monthly routine, the seller’s dashboard will display the notification.

Dispute Request:

In many cases, the buyers place the order, sends payments and get the required services as per his concerns. But sometimes, things don’t go smoothly. For instance, there is a possibility that you place your order and pay accordingly, but the results delivered to you are below average. There are chances that your task may get late or contains several flaws. In such conditions, you are allowed to place a dispute request to admin. Similarly, if the seller thinks his work is impeccable and the buyer is not accepting the work for no good reason, he may also file a dispute request to the admin.

Who will win the dispute and to whose account will the money be transferred is decided by the admin. Interestingly, the seller can only withdraw the money upon task completion. Thus, you have control in all dispute cases.

 Thus, if you want to hire freelance IT support and want to ensure that your payment is secure, TecJobb is the best solution possible. We offer a perfect blend of quality, reliability, and safety. Our Freelancers not only provide high value for your investment but we also ensure secure payments to provide every client with a trouble-free experience.

Last but not least, your privacy is our priority, and we never share any piece of your personal information with third parties. Our platform is encrypted and secure where you can communicate easily and make transactions.