About This Job
Do you have a WordPress issue that is making you sick?
You need help,  Let me solve your problems now!
Feel free to contact me prior to ordering if you have any questions you would like me to answer. 
I can help you in following:

  • WordPress Installation
  •  Fix HTML/CSS Issues
  •  Theme Customization
  •  Internal Server Error
  •  Database Connection Error
  •  Website Optimization
  •  Web Security
  •  Speed Optimization
  •  Widgets and Sidebars Issue
  •  Plugin or Theme customization
  •  Backup, Cloning, and Migration
  •  Full Website Creation
  •  Help Consultation
  •  Website Performance Issues

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 
Please Note: This is my hourly Price. For Complex issues, please discuss and I will advise you the hours.