TecJobb IT Jobs Marketplace: Browse – Buy – Done

Get things done with a 3-step flow: Browse – Buy – Done

We are proud to announce TecJobb as a pioneering segment of Freelance IT job marketplace that enables the buyers of professional IT services to work and interact with the IT services sellers. The platforms allow the sellers to promote their IT skills and IT business to the relevant buyers, and vice versa. TecJobb makes it relatively easier for the buyers to connect with the sellers of the services. The buyers can work with seller and provide their reviews on the profile of the sellers. The buyers also have the option to choose custom requirements with TecJobb for a better and improved experience.

Find projects that interest you:

TecJobb is an excellent platform for IT service sellers and IT services buyers, and it allows the sellers to create their own Freelance IT business on the platform. It provides them with the following perks:

  • Work on a project of their liking: On TecJobb, a seller can run its own business and it can select its own clientele and project. A seller is simply required to complete its profile then, it would be connected to suitable clients on the platform.
  • High pay: Work with a serious and high-paying buyer to earn a lucrative income on a daily basis. The amount would be credited to your credit cards/bank account instantly when a buyer purchases your service.
  • High success rate: The more projects and clients you would work with, the better you will have reviews and recommendations for your profile, which would earn you a better clientele in the long run.

TecJobb makes it easy for freelance IT specialists to work with clients instantly and get paid immediately.

  • Standardized Hiring: TecJobb follows an advanced algorithm that displayed top-rated profiles at the top, which makes it easier for the new and old clients to hire you.
  • Top-rated programs: TecJobb makes it easier for the buyer to connect with top-rated IT programs on the platform.
  • Work with top and high-paying clients: TecJobb connects the IT freelancers to work with top and high-paying clients to improve their income.

How would I get hired by the Clients?

Start with creating an informative and complete profile, and add an elaborate job proposal to the profile, highlighting your skills and talent as a freelance IT specialist.

  • Create a profile to promote your business: Your profile should work as a resume or marketing pamphlet to appeal your services to your clients. It should discuss your education, skills, accomplishments, and other abilities to appeal to the buyer.
  • Sending a proposal to a client: You can also send a proposal to a client to start a direct business transaction. You should send a well-written and custom-made proposal to the client to increase your likelihood to get hired as a freelancer.

Can I grow my profession as an IT Expert through TecJobb?

Yes, you are expected to put the right strings to grow your profession and business as an IT expert through TecJobb. The more consistent you are with delivering order, the better reviews you would receive; hence, better would be your chances to expand your clientele and business simultaneously.